Enough is Enough

If YOU are not happy with your appearance, your weight, hate the way you look and constantly put yourself down then its time to make a change NOW.

I used to hate myself so much it got to a point where I would avoid going out with my friends because I was feeling too fat, couldn’t fit into anything, I knew id be the biggest girl there and I just felt like shit. So I would end up staying at home in my stretchy pyjama pants and eat my emotions away with as many calories (mainly carbs sugar and really bad fats) as my stomach could handle pretty much until I felt sick.

This made me so upset because I wanted to go out I wanted to wear that dress ive been waiting to wear for years but no I decided to live this depressing lifestyle instead.

The only solution to the problem is to make a change.

I was so unhappy with myself I hated the way my body looked so much. I was at a size that was too big for most stores but too small for the plus size stores.

I couldn’t fit into any clothes, like seriously it was so hard. I would go shopping and buy the largest size in the store which was a large or XL in most stores hoping that it would fit otherwise it just got thrown into the back of the cupboard for when I’m “smaller one day”. I hated trying things on because 90% of the time I already knew id be wasting my time.

On top of already emotionally abusing myself because of my size. People that I knew or just met would often make comments about my weight and constant reminders of how big I was (like I didn’t know already) and random people would just treat me different.

It hurt a lot. I hated looking at myself in the mirror I would often emotionally abuse myself about how I looked. I didn’t want to be this unhappy, lazy, overweight, negative minded, depressing, full of excuses unhealthy person anymore!

I wanted to change to better my health and to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to fit into. I wanted to lose weight for me and nobody else because my life is mine and this is my body and Im the only who is stuck with it for the rest of my life.

So why not make it amazing. When you believe you can you will!

I went overseas last year for the first time. I Loved the experience but hated the way I looked. When I got back home a month later I was at my heaviest which was over 100kg. I thought wow wtf are you doing leesa?

This was not healthy! Enough was Enough! And it all started from there.

That was it for me I had to do something about this before it completely got out of hand.

It was time for a challenge, it was time to stop these bad habits that were making me miserable, It was time to prove to myself that I’m better than this and If I’m willing to work hard for it I WILL accomplish my goals. I wanted to change my life for me and only I had the power to do so.

I became so motivated there was no turning back.


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