The beginning is always the hardest

So, my journey began in October 2016, I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to make some serious changes.

I then asked myself how am I going to do this? What am I going to do differently than all the previous failed attempts? How am I going to keep motivated and make sure I don’t fall off track and end up back into old habits? As excited as I was to start this journey I feared that I would let myself down again.

But I knew this time was going to be different. It had to be if I wanted to become the best version of me. I said to myself his time it’s actually going to happen. I believed in myself and that was it. Your body will achieve what your mind believes.

Now when you and most of the people in this world who are struggling with weight loss automatically think diet. And to most of us that word just makes us cringe. I mean who wants to go on a diet? I certainly did not. Every diet I have ever been on didn’t last long as I was told what to eat rather than what not to eat.

No one likes being told what to do especially me.

The first step was to get rid of all my excuses, start exercising on a daily basis, park my car away from the main entrance of places e.g. shopping centres and just start moving my arse.

I needed to cut out all the rubbish foods I had been eating that caused all this weight gain to start with. So that’s exactly what I did I started with cutting out fast food, fried foods, pastries, and sugar like sweets and chocolate. And replaced these foods with real nourishing foods that came from natural sources with minimal preservatives if any. I cut out soft drinks, cordial and alcohol and replaced it with water, herbal teas and fresh pressed juices.

As expected it was not easy. I felt tired, I felt sick and I wasn’t seeing any immediate changes. There were days where I wanted to quit and there nights where I wanted to binge. but I had to constantly remind myself why I started and what my goals are. If I want to lose weight, look better and fit into nice clothes I’m going to have to work really hard, stay focused, disciplined and avoid any temptations that would sabotage my goals.

The beginning is always the hardest where you will have withdrawal symptoms from all the junk you have been putting in your body for years but once you push through that stage you start to feel amazing and then a new addiction begins.

You just need to be patient take it day by day week by week month by month and then all the hard work finally starts to pay off.  Be consistent, be determined and stay focused on your goals. When you start seeing results I promise that you will thank yourself.


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