Keeping it off

Ok let’s admit it losing weight is hard work and even harder trying to keep it off.

Because no one is perfect right? No seriously no one is perfect as everyone has their flaws that they don’t want others to see.

Im going to be completely honest with you here as you know I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life I experimented different ways to get rid of the weight and finally found the right solution for me.

Is it sustainable though? Yes and no and I’ll tell you why.

So I before my addiction to fitness I was addicted to junk food and over eating I managed to cut down on majority of the crap out (not all of it) and smaller portions which helped me lose a lot of weight as it’s 80% nutrition.

Over time as I became smaller the weight loss became slower and slower so I made a bet to lose 8kg in less than 12 weeks. To do this I had to make a BIG change to my diet depriving myself from any kind of “junk foods” and only sticking to lean clean foods for 12 weeks which I was only allowed to consume within a 8 hour window know as intermittent fasting.

This was very hard at times but it worked so well. After the challenge I treated myself and my body did not like it.

In result I gained weight leaving me almost back at the weight that I started at before the challenge.

I have now set a new goal to lose the weight again but this time I’m not rushing and I won’t be changing my diet so drastically as it is not healthy nor sustainable.

Remember your journey is your journey and no one else’s. It’s not a race so slow down.

Always Remember why you started and don’t let anyone pressure you to reach your goals. Slow progress is better than no progress so just keep going and never give up.

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